Hodka Rann Stay

Hodka Rann Stay is a village stay facility at the Hodka Village. And it has been operated by Bhimji Khoyla, who belongs to Artisan Family. His father is engaged with leathercraft and his mother is a good embroidery artisan. Small village-style property situated at Northern Part of Kutch, closer to Great Rann of Kutch in Hodka Village, which is almost 65km far from the Bhuj Airport, Railway Station. The property is rustic and built in a contemporary style applied Mud/ Clay for plaster (Lippan work) on walls, and also decorated with local craft motifs.

Food & Dining:

Hodka Rann Stay offers traditional cuisine (Gujarati and Kutchi) at the traditionally decorated and grass-thatched dining area. Vegetarian homely cooked cuisine served at the right time by the host.


Situated near to Great Rann of Kutch, North Kutch, Hodka village – Banni Region. The property is almost 65km far from Bhuj Airport, Bhuj Railway Station.

Room Facilities:

  • Attached Bathroom
  • Comfortable Mud Cottages During Winter
  • No Television
  • Non Air-Conditioned Accommodations
  • The King Size Bed(Double Bed) Crafted With Mud Adobe Structure
  • Hodka Rann Stay
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