Aagantuk Home Stay


Aagantuk Homestay is a boutique apartment styled homestay nested in a quiet neighbourhood close to the heart of the city. It’s a fully furnished three-bedroom house with kitchen and a generous living room in our family house. It’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy the holiday time with friends and family.

Our kitchen is equipped to cook a light meal after a long day of being on the move. Our home is part of a family home and is on the second floor, which could be a hinderance for old age guests and guests who are differently abled. For tailor-made and curated stay and visit to Kachchh please feel free to reach out to us and the host family would be happy to help you.

Being centrally located most basic needs while traveling such as pharmacy, clinics, provision stores, street food etc can be found in less than 1 Km radius.


Know the Host

1 Beena Vaghela (Host & Proprietor):

Running a home needs one to play many roles. Hosting friends and family is among the most demanding roles from making living arrangements, decide the right menu and making one feel at home. Over the years Beena has followed her passion for cooking elaborate meals and baking different types of homemade bread.

Beyond running a home and cooking, things that Beena loves to do are floriculture, gardening and stained glass. Over the years she has been growing organic & natural fruits and vegetables at her mud house in the outskirts of Bhuj.

“Running a home has been an integral part of my life, hosting friends and family has always been a rewarding experience. I now want to open our home to more than just family and friends!”

2 Kiran Vaghela (Co-host):

Kiran Vaghela is a civil engineer by education but is a self-taught architect, designer and an innovator. Kiran has worked with many artisan communities in Kachchh and around the world for disaster relief and he taps into the skills of the artisans and their indigenous knowledge of resilient building systems to innovate it for contemporary application. In his 35-year professional journey he has undertaken projects of varied scale and nature and is a key Founding Director at Hunnarshala Foundation for Building Technology and Innovation and a Founding Partner at Studio Dot.

He is currently exploring avenues of creative outlet through painting, writing poetry and going for occasional hikes for the love of the unique geology of Kachchh. Kiran is also actively involved with education institutions such as IIT, CEPT, IPSA and Karigarshala.

Looking for an early morning hike to the nearby hills and an insight into the geology, culture and history of Kachchh? Kiran is the person to contact!

3 Satya Vaghela (Co-host)

Satya Vaghela is an architect and a founding partner at Studio Dot. Working with hands is something he picked up in his school days at Rishi Valley School (KFI – Krishnamurti Foundation India) and to spread the joy of working with hands he is embarking on a journey to create a platform for designers and artisans to collaborate, ideate and create at ‘Hands-on Collaborative’

Looking for some awesome street food recommendations or a cup of freshly brewed coffee from beans that originate from the western ghats? Drop by at our studio (on the ground floor).


Property Policies:

1 Strictly Prohibited:

  • Consumption of alcohol is not permissible on property.
  • Possession or consumption of narcotics as per NDPS Act.
  • Smoking is not permissible on property.
  • Pets are not permitted at the property.
  • Guests are not to entertain personal guests at the property between 9pm-9am.

* Host reserves rights to vacate and void your booking if there is violation of the above-mentioned points.

2 Our Expectations:

Guests are requested to avoid loud music and conversation after 9pm as it may disturb the neighbours and those who are sharing the property.

  • We do not have power back up, so we expect your co-operation during power outage.
  • Kachchh is a dry and arid region, hence there is shortage of water supply. While we strive to give you a seamless experience, we request to use water judiciously.
  • We follow a 3-day linen cycle due to our water situation.
  • Consumables such as sugar, tea, coffee, dairy creamer sachets and dry snacks are replenished every day.
  • All waste is to be thrown in bins, we request you to not dispose diapers, sanitary pads and wrappers in the commode as it may result in choking of the drainage lines.
  • Being a family house, we do not encourage loud music and hosting of parties.
  • Please keep the main house door locked at night for your safety.

* Your co-operation for the above-mentioned points helps us serve you better.

3 On request:

  • Iron box for ironing clothes will be provided on request. (not chargeable)
  • Extra-bed will be arranged on request at the time of booking. (chargeable as per tariffs at the time of booking)
  • Cotton pillows will be provided on request. (not chargeable)
  • Basic provisions for the kitchen prior to arrival on request. (chargeable and subject to availability – Service charges may apply)
  • Quilt/comforters provided are queen size. For individual use the quilt/comforter will be provided on request.


House Rules:

The property may be shared with other guests if you book independent rooms, in such scenarios we expect you to be sensitive to the others sharing the property and respect each other’s privacy and belongings.

At the time of independent booking the kitchen, living room and the utility spaces are to be shared. Guests who like to cook are requested to wash the vessels and clean the kitchen platform after use for it to be available for use for others sharing the property. Loud conversations and music are to be avoided at such times for others comfort.

For Booking and Availability kindly float your query on [email protected]