About Us


Splendid Kutch Tourism & Hospitality is a small network of travel consultants, have been associated with rural resorts, homestays, tourism events, sustainable tourism and craft revival in the Kutch Gujarat. We specialize in promoting and marketing the altered tourism places that sustain the character of its own aesthetics, traditions, culture, environment and local values. Splendid Kutch Tourism and Hospitality have been supporting, promoting the Rural Tourism Project at Hodka Village. We are handling Sales, Promotions of the Community driven Rural Resort – Shaam E Sarhad Village Resort, Hodka artists’ village. We are associated with community based rural resort since 10 years. (Since 2008)

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide sustainable and long-term services to the tourism community by caring the environment, local culture and encouraging community driven tourism projects to support the local economy. We support rural tourism and local artisans and promote initiatives to strengthen rural livelihood by introducing their local products (Crafts and Arts) and services to interested visitors.

 We offers Staying facility at traditional village (Rural Kutch) hosted by local family, Village Stay. Home Stay, where tourists can experience “traditional” village lifestyle, interacts with indigenous communities and explores the “customary” crafts



We are also promoting and facilitating market to the Craft Artisans under the Local for Vocal project. Providing online craft selling and marketing through our digital shop.

 For inquiry and reservations of the rural accommodations in Kutch and Travel assistance kindly float your inquiry on [email protected]