“Rann Visamo Village Resort. the perfect gateway to an authentic staying experience”

One of the Meghwar families of Hodka village welcomes you all to a village stay concept. The stay is provided in the Bhungas (circular traditional huts with conical roof of grass thatched) and cottages (traditional houses square in structure with terracotta roof) traditionally constructed by the Meghwar family. These Bhungas and Cottages though traditionally built are very comfortable and suitable for stay in all seasons. The interior walls of these Bhungas are decorated with art of mirror – mud work, coloured patch work on the ceiling, all crafted by the artisans of Meghwar family

Food & Dining:

Traditional cuisines have been severed at the open space dining area which is decorated with Mud Plaster and decorated with traditional motifs of local arts. The village resort offers vegetarian traditional cuisine locally made.


Situated near to Great Rann of Kutch, North Kutch, Hodka village – Banni Region. The property is almost 65km far from Bhuj Airport, Bhuj Railway Station.
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Hodka Village. North Kutch.
From Bhuj. 65km
From Rann of Kutch . 22km