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    Cultural Heritage

    CULTURAL HERITAGE OF KUTCH Kutch is a district known for its handicrafts. It is almost synonymous with its rich variety of embroideries with different communities dwelling in the district, like the Ahirs, Rabaris, Jats, Mutwas, Meghwars, Sodha Rajputs,etc and their sub-groups, specialising in their own…
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    Rann Utsav – White Rann of Kutch

    Rann Utsav is an amazing event in Kutch, Gujarat, India. Which operates usually in winter for around 90 days. Music, Folk dance and amazing Landscape of White Rann (White Salt Rann) which offers infinite joy in your holidays. The White (salt) Rann is most beautiful…
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    Dholavira. UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Dholavira. Indus Valley Site UNESCO World Heritage Site, first IVC Site in India Dholavira - World Heritage Site {UNESCO}, one of the archaeological sites in Kutch. it is the first site of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC) in India to get the UNESCO World…
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